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The Benefits of Hiring a Motivational Speaker


What can a motivational speaker offer you? Well, that depends on who you are. Many different entities take advantage of motivational speakers and book them for dedicated events and more general events alike. They are particularly popularamongcompanies for delivering a powerful motivational speech to their employees.

However, they can also be presented to the public or even a targeted demographic or niche. Companies even hire them to make videos for use in marketing or to present motivational speakers to their customers.

As you can see, outlining the benefits of a motivational speaker could take some time and depends on many additional factors. However, if you are planning on hiring one for a company event or some other application, there is much to be gained. There is a right and wrong way of going about the process though, and a motivational speaker could end up just being a bore for your employees or customers – the type of corporate event that you can snore through.

So what are the benefits? Well, there are general ones and there are ones that are very dependent on what type of motivational speaker you hire.

What Makes a Good Motivational Speaker?

A good motivational speaker, most basically, is one who can motivate. But motivate what? That depends on who the motivational speaker event is targeted at. For companies looking to boost employee productivity and identification with the company, a motivational speaker will have to talk about work related topics, but in a way that is general enough (and useful enough for other areas of life) that the whole event doesn’t feel like another day at work.

More technically, a motivational speaker needs to have a clear take-home message, one that is evident in everything they say. It needs to be easy for the audiences to make the link between the content of the text and the take-home message.

What Makes a Good Motivational Speaker Event?

As mentioned, the event should offer advice that is general enough to be used in many areas of life. A motivational speaker typically talks about the fundamentals of motivation and productivity – not the specifics – and so a good event is one that leans into this aspect.

Whatever the main “purpose” of the event, attendees should go away with a clear idea of what was discussed, and a clear idea of how those principles can be applied in many different areas of life. As mentioned, if it is too specifically about you or your company, it is not a good motivational event.

Nevertheless, a good event is also one which is related to the company or the organization itself. Plurawl are a company that produces bespoke clothing and prints aimed at the American Latino community. They also run a motivational speech podcast that concerns itself with issues related to that community. Engaging with the demographic who make up the audience – as well as discussing things relevant to the company or organization – is an essential part of a successful motivational speaking event.

Further Benefits

For companies or organizations, motivational speakers boost morale. They do this by outlining pathways to success and supporting that with anecdotal evidence or stories about real people. This makes these speakers relatable.

Motivational speakers can also boost the profile of an organization, especially if they offer useful advice which is applicable in many contexts and will therefore attract a diverse audience.

Ultimately, the reason so many companies and individuals invest in motivational speaking is because it works. It could be time to set aside some of your budget for motivational speaking events.

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