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Ecommerce Video Marketing – A Checklist


Within ecommerce enterprises, video marketing is now standard practice. There was a time, when viral videos were just beginning to show their true marketing potential, that those who were ahead of the pack in engaging more fully in video marketing were the ones who had the edge. Not so anymore. Today, the situation is more like failing to engage in video marketing is a sure way to fall behind. WMV Productions, offeringvideo production services out of Nashville, say that video marketing is essential, but there is still much you can do to stand out.

To really stand out takes a certain degree of innovation. But that can only begin when you’re toeing the line of the correct amount of video marketing. In other words, there is a set of things you really should already be doing. If you’re not, then innovation can wait until you at least catch up. And for that, you need to follow the video marketing scene closely, pay attention to the video marketing trends tha6 are currently standard practice, and bring yourself up to that standard.Only then comes innovation.

The Power of Video Marketing

It’s also important to understand why video marketing is so essential. It is all to do with how internet technology has developed and how internet culture has followed along. We can illustrate this with a simple example.

As little as less than a decade ago, the notion of putting a video in vertical orientation would have been anathema to the majority of video marketers. These days, as you’ll no doubt be aware, it’s almost the standard orientation for online videos. Why is this? Well, quite simply, cell phone cameras got a lot better, and individuals started having massive viral success with videos shot in this orientation. This created an internet culture involving videos shot this way. Video marketing then got wind of it and, there you have it, suddenly viral product videos are shot in this way too!

This is how it always goes. For successful video marketing in ecommerce, you need to understand the viral internet, something which is itself fueled by the internet technologies the public use.

Video Marketing Checklist

So, the checklist for success, as it were, is changing all the time. Here is one to follow now – but keep abreast of the changes:

Exploit User-Generated Content

If you have customers featuring your product in their videos, then you have stumbled across a gold mine. The system of sharing videos on social media platforms is such that you can make use of these videos even if you didn’t make them yourself.

To do this, you might retweet a video of your product on Twitteror your Instagram story, or you might like or share user-generated content on your Facebook page. This type of marketing looks impeccably authentic because you didn’t make the video – a very happy customer did!

Make Use of Demonstration Videos

Your store exists online. Therefore, people cannot touch or try out our product before they buy it. Accordingly, videos that show your product in use (or tutorials that show people how to use it) have enormous marketing potential.

Don’t Ignore Thumbnails

If an internet user doesn’t click on your video and watch it, then that’s a shame. But you can still squeeze some marketing potential out of this situation by paying close attention to what is featured in your thumbnail. Andon YouTube, those thumbnails can now move and show a short excerpt from the video itself. There’s obviously marketing potential here, so don’t neglect it.

Things move incredibly fast online – and your video marketing should too.

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