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Few secrets to increase your turnover


Behind this title, a tad touting, I grant you, hides a real managerial problem: how to increase his turnover and develop the sales of his company . Among the many questions (taxation, HR, cash, charges, crises to name just these five) that punctuate the day of a business leader, one question constantly torments the director: how to find new clients and achieve my goals sales volume and turnover?

Historically, there are two lungs of turnover: prospecting and loyalty. This is still valid today, but the methods have changed dramatically .

Because your interlocutor has changed his way of buying in B2C (80% of consumers inquire on the internet before buying according to IFOP ) as in B2B (where on average 6.8 people are involved in the purchasing process according to Gartner ).

The two profiles now have the choice of an almost “planetary” offer just a click away. There were in fact 6 competitors per company in 2014 against 22 competitors in 2019 (source Hubspot Research).

Faced with this paradigm shift and these new rules, how do you get out of the game ? Of course, there are many methods to grow sales in value and this is not to list classic sales promotion tactics or detail like some on the web do about how to become. rich by working 4 hours a week. In this article, we reveal the 7 secrets of the moment to increase your turnover.

The 2 legs of your turnover are prospecting (finding new customers, thanks to Account Based Marketing for example) and loyalty (better billing to known customers and offering them an unforgettable customer experience so that they recommend you ).

Few secrets to increase your turnover

Precisely, to retain your GREEN customers and invite them to recommend you to others , a CRM (customer relationship management) will allow you to get to know them better. So you will sell more by seizing up-sell ( up- market) and / or cross-sell ( cross- selling) opportunities, and by refining in particular the RFM study , namely the Purchasing R ecency, the F requency of purchase and M ount (average basket if you prefer).

This customer database therefore makes it possible, if it is properly informed and used, to increase turnover.through specific sales actions to build loyalty thanks to better segmentation of your personas  and more precise scoring (a VF rating).

Your real difference is the customer experience

Today (like yesterday for that matter) , building loyalty always costs less than prospecting . Unfortunately, every year, companies lose an average of 10% of their customers, or 50% every 5 years , according to a study by the Harvard Business Review .

Even with a point of sale (B2C) network or a smaller sales force than your competitors (B2B), an effective website   is your real business broker , and best prospecting machine (including Sundays, days). holidays, vacations and when you sleep) and a clear competitive advantage in the medium term.

Armed to generate business   and positioned at the top of all Internet users’ requests, it must be a contributor to your turnover and its growth . Today’s consumers in both B2C and B2B seek information long before contacting a salesperson . In 61% of cases, the purchase is decided online (Hubspot).

If you really want to increase your turnover, this step is therefore essential. And, with rare exceptions, you won’t be able to override it . Yes, even if in your “sector it is different, it is specific, etc”. If your website isn’t earning anything, your competitor’s website is likely to generate results and rank in the top results of Google searches.

In order not to disperse your prospecting efforts, identifying a precise target remains the basis of the profession. Focus on the persona  ( a sample of which you can download below ) – your ideal customer in marketing jargon.

Stay focused on your vision , revise your business model if necessary  and put aside unprofitable customers, unnecessary quotes (the famous “cost me” before knowing what to cost ), calls for tenders poorly put together and time-consuming pre-sales, so you can focus on the best customers – your “ideal customer”.

This is what you know best, namely, traditional communication techniques, also called “outbound marketing” , which consist in pushing your “exceptional” offer towards the customer (billboards, radio, TV, press, street, google ads, display…). This PUSH method is more and more contested because it is less and less Roiste (which therefore pays less). In addition, the trend shows that consumers no longer want intrusive and unsolicited advertising . Proof of this are the Stop ads, adblockers and company …

In the case of spears, of all the “interesting” customers you target, you “pray” that some will be interested. You therefore hire potentially interesting people from the audience , such as “CSP + 50s in Reunion Island”, but not necessarily interested in your offer.  This is the classic move of the 4 * 3 display (30 K € gross for 300 faces all the same on the island): we sell a number of passing vehicles or opportunities to be seen. On the other hand of the 10,000 cars which pass in front of the poster, not one has the budget or the envy of a BMW. Pity. You will be retorted, to reassure you, that you have acquired notoriety which itself generates preference and therefore future purchase ….

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