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What Should A Beginner Know About Demat & Trading App?


In today’s world, the stock market is climbing up with a huge return for its ritual investor. There are a few ups and downs in the stock market but if you compare historical data in which you can see the drastic growth of financial securities. In our nation, there are more investors who are flocking to invest and acquire liquid assets. People in metro cities are more eager to invest and earn returns over a long tenure from the stock market. 

Another reason for much investment is due to the tech-driven app which makes the best trading app in India. According to the current market, there is a great potential for the money market. As a saving or an investment the Indian population is excited to invest in the share market.

So a beginner guide for online stock trading is to start trading by opening a Demat and trading account from a reliable broker. As a beginner guide, you should be well aware of the working of the stock market and then researching individual stocks picking a brokerage or placing a trade, and more.

Find a Stock Broker 

To trade in the stock market you need three accounts, one will be the bank account to transfer funds, next will be the Demat and trading account to store and transfer your trade accordingly.

You need to do research about the broker about its reputation, fees, and review for different options. So if you want to feel sure that you are choosing the best online stock broker. 

As you break down the trading commission fees, how easy the app or website is to use, and whether the broker trading tool is effective to use. You have a lot of options to choose your broker but if you wish to opt for a full-time broker then you can choose IIFL Securities as it provides you with complete Stock trading and consulting. It is an old and experienced stock broker in India. You also get several benefits you can use their smartphone app or website to perform your trading.

Research on stocks

Once you have a brokerage, now you can buy stocks but choosing stock to trade can be tricky. For a start, you can choose a SIP or ETF as they are considered to be less volatile than other financial assets in the stock market. 

ETFs are a bundle of securities at once the goal of this instrument is to cut down risk and gain more profit. So as soon you are ready to invest in the stock market you can start with less risky assets.

For a start or placing your first stock order, you need to first transfer funds from your bank account into your broker platform. After that, you need to select the securities click on the buy button and after that, you need to select the lot size, and place your order.

With respect to the market timing, your order can be modified if there is fluctuation in the stock market. After the order confirmation shares will be directly transferred into your Demat account. You can also place a limit order where you fix a certain price at which you want to buy the securities. 

Many beginners strick to the process of buying and selling securities without any planning. If you want to excel in stock trading then you must study and practice advanced strategies and trades tools and perform in your real trading.

There is also share another type of trading where you can leverage funds to increase your investment in order to gain profit, this type of trading is also called intraday trading where you need to buy or sell shares on the same trading day. 

Trading stocks is one of the major ways to involve in share market trading. But apart from these, there are other financial instruments such as mutual funds or ETFs and F&O trading. 


Online trading makes your investment simple and secure. If you have Demat & trading app, then managing your financial portfolio will be much better. The above information is an important thing a beginner should understand and follow. The rule for making a profit in stock trading is not the same for each case. You need to know how to follow trends and make strategic trading decisions. Making money by investing in one of the smart ways to earn a return with time. So download a trading app and make your first stock investment now.

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