Upcoming IPOs in India


In recent years, the Indian stock market has witnessed a surge in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), attracting both seasoned investors and newcomers to the world of stocks. This burgeoning trend is fuelled by various factors, including economic growth, increased investor confidence, and the rise of innovative trading platforms. Among the prominent themes in this landscape are zero brokerage services and the emergence of the best trading apps, such as m.Stock by Mirae Asset.

The IPO Boom

The term IPO, or Initial Public Offering, refers to the process by which a private company becomes public by offering its shares to the public for the first time. IPOs are significant events in the financial market, often signaling a company’s growth and expansion plans. Investors keen on participating in a company’s success eagerly await information about upcoming IPOs, looking for opportunities to invest in promising ventures.

Upcoming IPOS in 2024-

Swiggy: Swiggy, a leading player in the online food delivery space, has become synonymous with convenience and variety. The company is expected to leverage its strong market presence and technological prowess in its upcoming IPO. Investors are keenly watching Swiggy’s move as the food delivery industry continues to evolve globally. The IPO is anticipated to provide the company with the necessary capital to expand its reach, enhance technology, and fortify its position in an increasingly competitive market.

Ola Electric: Ola Electric, a subsidiary of Ola, is making waves in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. With a vision to revolutionize sustainable transportation, Ola Electric is set to go public with its IPO in 2024. The funds raised are expected to accelerate the production of electric vehicles, expand charging infrastructure, and support research and development initiatives. The IPO will likely attract investors keen on participating in the green mobility revolution.

OYO: OYO, a disruptor in the hospitality industry, is poised for an IPO that could reshape the company’s future trajectory. Known for its innovative approach to accommodation and hospitality services, OYO has gained prominence globally. The IPO is anticipated to provide OYO with the financial resources needed to further enhance its technology, expand its network of hotels, and potentially explore new avenues within the broader travel and lifestyle sector.

Recent IPO Closures:

In addition to the upcoming IPO of Doms Industries, the Indian market has recently seen the successful closure of several IPOs, each contributing to the dynamic landscape of the stock market. Notable among these are Tata Technologies Ltd, Fed Bank Financial Services Ltd, and Gandhar Oil Refinery (India) Ltd.

Doms Industries Ltd IPO:

Doms Industries, under its flagship brand DOMS, has been involved in the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of a diverse range of stationery and art products.

Doms Industries’ IPO is generating interest not only for its strong market presence but also for the potential it holds in the growing stationery and art product market. Investors are keen to capitalize on the company’s success and be part of its future endeavours.

Tata Technologies Ltd:

Tata Technologies Ltd, a global engineering and product development digital services company, recently concluded its IPO, drawing significant investor attention. The company’s diversified portfolio and focus on cutting-edge digital solutions contributed to the success of its IPO.

Fedbank Financial Services Ltd:

Fedbank Financial Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Federal Bank, also recently completed its IPO. The company, engaged in providing financial services, saw a positive response from investors, reflecting confidence in its business model and growth prospects.

Gandhar Oil Refinery (India) Ltd:

Gandhar Oil Refinery (India) Ltd, a leading manufacturer of petroleum-based specialty products, successfully closed its IPO, further diversifying investment opportunities in the market. The company’s strong market position and strategic focus on specialty products were key factors in attracting investor interest.

Market Trends and Zero Brokerage:

As the IPO landscape in India evolves, investors are also keenly observing the trends in brokerage services. The concept of zero brokerage has gained traction, offering investors the opportunity to trade without incurring traditional brokerage fees. This trend has been particularly prominent in the rise of online trading platforms and mobile apps.

Investors are exploring the best trading apps that offer zero brokerage or competitive pricing to maximize their returns. The landscape of stock trading is evolving rapidly, and m.Stock by Mirae Asset is emerging as one of the noteworthy players in this space. The app provides a user-friendly interface, real-time market data, and the convenience of trading on the go.


The convergence of upcoming IPOs, zero brokerage services, and the availability of the best trading apps is reshaping the landscape of the Indian stock market. Investors are presented with a unique opportunity to participate in the growth stories of promising companies while benefiting from cost-effective and user-friendly trading platforms.

As the market continues to evolve, staying informed about upcoming IPOs and leveraging innovative trading tools will be crucial for investors looking to navigate the dynamic world of stocks. The synergy between emerging IPOs and advanced trading apps reflects a broader trend toward making investing more accessible and rewarding for a diverse range of market participants.

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