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Sales are the outcome of unending efforts in management, customer satisfaction, and general work organization. Mismanagement has an impact on business. The administration of orders is another area that requires specific attention. You need to maintain organization if you want to succeed in business and your field. It might be challenging to complete orders accurately and on schedule without frustrating your consumers.

Technology is employed when a single person cannot satisfy a customer’s demands for real-time notice, the quickest delivery, a seamless experience, order tracking, etc. Numerous software solutions claim to offer an effective order management process. But do they allow wholesalers to work under their rules? No, wholesalers are not allowed to use any type of software. This might be due to various constraints for the business-to-business model.

How can you manage orders and fulfill customers’ expectations together? Use software like OrderCircle, a b2b multilingual ecommerce website management is meant for wholesalers and lets you work according to yourself. It does not control your decision and lets you explore its multiple features of a real-time dashboard, e-commerce support, multi-language support, live tracking, notifications, inventory management, and order management process altogether. Be it domestic business or global, OrderCircle can handle everything on your behalf.

What are some features that Allow Order Management Easier?

1. Easy Ordering

Customers like placing orders online since it is always open and requires no manual labour to register orders. Customers can do it by using your e-commerce. The best thing is that OrderCircle displays its name so your clients will never be aware that you are utilising any outside assistance.

Customers can place orders immediately, and you can begin working on them as soon as you do. You will find it simpler to cancel orders online. This eliminates potential for error and gives the appearance of more methodical labour.

2. Tracking Orders

Everyone is in haste and they want to get the status of their order. However, it is not possible to give them the exact location of their orders. Here you can use OrderCircle because it gives customers an option of tracking orders. Customers can see when their order will arrive, by checking delivery status every hour or minute. It is also feasible to send them notifications for each process.

For example, customers get eager to know whether their order is packed or not, or at which stage their order has reached. This is important for them because it gives them the relaxation that people are working on. They do not feel neglected.

3. Fast Delivery

The ultimate demand of every customer is the fastest delivery, they want everything in minutes. However, delivering in minutes is not possible in the case of the b2b model because orders are in bulk. It takes time and effort to deliver orders from wholesalers. It can be more hectic to deal with a b2b model. Thus, use OrderCircle to deal with deliveries. It not only serves as an e-commerce platform but also assists you with delivery process order management.

4. Payments

Payments are part of order management. Receiving payments has become easier after the introduction of UPI, cards, and net banking. The obsolete method of COD and cheques has outdated. However, using multiple sources for payments can be risky and you might miss some of them. Use OrderCircle because it has wholesale quickbooks online ecommerce integration that generate automated invoices and allows different mediums of payment. Customers can cash on delivery too, and this is a great benefit for wholesalers and retailers.

The Final Thought 

Order management has been an important part of business and if this gets mismanaged your business might crumble in the long run. So, try using an order management solution which is OrderCircle. You can tackle multiple business spheres with its help and find the best use of this software as per your business requirements.

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